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Picking Out the Finest Fine

6Picking the right wine can be quite intimidating especially when facing a whole full wall of choices.  Which wine do you pick that will compliment your meals or that everyone will enjoy.  How do you know which of the variety tastes good or at least what do they all taste like.  With so many shades and so many labels, which suits your needs best.  You would have to sit down and taste every wine with your meal in order to pick the best. Which obviously is not recommended nor is it possible.  Pairing the proper wine with the perfect wine will take some time and experience.  In time you will find the best of both worlds.

Many people assume that wine is costly and especially those that are great tasting.  Which is not the case at all, you can buy fine wine for less than $20. When it comes to cooking with wine at that point it is all about the rarity of the grape.  Feel free to have fun and experiment with wine.  With such a massive variety feel free to taste and once upon hitting one you have come to like.  Check the brand and maybe try others in the same category for different flavors.   Screw up caps are better than cork screws to prevent moldy reside occuring. Better to be safe than sorry i guess.

5One thing to keep in mind is that different wines taste better chilled in different temperatures.  This is a common mistake many people make.  Not knowing the difference and how the wine texture and taste can change. Popular tasting white wines include, Chardonnay, Moscato, Grigio, Riesling and a few others.  Funny enough white wine is a great way to get red wine stains out of carpets or wherever you happen to spill. It neutralizes the red tones and viola.

Some Red Wine Favorites are as follows: Barberra, Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir along with a few others.

When pairing Meal with Wine there are many choices that can be made.  It was thought that Red Wines worked well with Red meats and White wines worked well with White meats.  Which is not entirely true as it all depends on how the meal is prepared and what sauces are being used.  For example different glazing or sauces, can either work with strong bodied wines or light wines.  It all depends on the final meal and how it works with what you have.

vin022.jpgWine can be fun and flavorful, it is up to you to experiment and figure out which works best for you.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with some cooking and maybe even adding some wine during dinner preparation.  You can always create your own masterpiece. Why not wow your guests or friends with a delightful outstanding meal. Whether to enhance, delight or for an explosion of taste don’t be afraid to try many kinds of wines.  Feel free to experiment with a new one when you shop instead of sticking to the regular one you reach out to every single time.

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