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Sushi: Love at first Bite

banner2-980x300-980x300Years ago, a dear friend of mine got me try sushi and ever since then i have become completely addicted. It’s almost as though it was love at first site. The differen tastes, melange of exquisite sensations that will truly leave you breathless. When i was first told about raw fish on a bed of rice, i think the expression on my face must have said it all. I couldn’t quite understand how in this world he was able to find that delictable. Boy, was i ever so wrong. The rice, raw fish and sauces mixed together are simply to adore.

My favorite part of being seated at the restaurant is having some miso soup. I end up having 2 or 3 by the time my dinner is done. Also love ordering edameme beans, shrimp tempura and sashimi. I find myself trying out new rolls sometimes in hopes of finding new favorites.

Yes sushi can be expensive but that is a good thing because it means that the raw seafood is properly cleaned, stored and prepared. You can however find sushi places near by you which are not overly expensive and yet are still very clean and great tasting. When it comes to raw food you don’t want to compromise your health.

The introduction of all you can eat sushi has been a favorite of mine. It used to be difficult in picking out one or two items and having to leave out some of my favorites due to budget purposes. All you can sushi bars changed all that and i am truly a happy camper. I personally love visiting various sushi restaurants during lunch hours as they are cheaper and not so congested.sushi 1

It’s amazing to see how many others have become sushi addicts and just how many restaurants have opened up near and around me. You can see the huge demand for sushi expand ever so quickly. I love it because i get to try out new places and each have their own flavours. Some places i like more than others. Sushi is also very healthy for you, raw fish and rice. There are no fats or oils to worry about. For those watching their weight this is definitely an extra bonus. Delicious tasting and healthy for you, simply cannot go wrong. If you are one of those people who has not yet tried it, please take a friends advice and try it out for yourself. You may find yourself truly amazed and fully addicted.

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